Happy clients

Here’s what a few mums have to say about Buggyfit with Kate:


“It only took me two babies and two and half years to make it to my first class, but it was worth the wait. From week one, Kate couldn’t have given a warmer welcome to Buggyfit, Bushy Park is an awesome place to work out and with no walls and only a group of like-minded mums who don’t care if you can barely hold your eyes open – least of all run 50 feet without getting out of puff – Buggyfit is blissfully relaxed and un-judgy. There is always another mum to have a giggle/moan/post-workout cuppa with and Kate is a brilliant trainer with buckets of advice and funny stories, always ready to give a sleep-resistant baby a cuddle (and sometimes she brings amazeballs…).If I could find a way to work full-time and make it to Buggyfit, I would.” – Beth, Hampton


“Buggy Fit is an awesome way to get into shape after birth and make some new mummy friends in the process! I really wanted to get back into exercise after my little boy was born, but didn’t really know where to start or what the best exercises were. At Buggy Fit I got an assessment of my fitness and personal advice, plus the exercises are tailored so you can work as hard or gently as is appropriate for you. We had torrential rain during my first session, but rather than put me off, I bonded with my fellow Buggy Fitters and we had a really good laugh. Admittedly the sunny days were somewhat more enjoyable and easier on the buggy! All babies (and other children) are welcome, no one minds if they cry and quite often they enjoy the fresh air and have a good kip! I thoroughly enjoyed my weekly sessions in the park, which were often followed by a social coffee and baby feed in the cafe and would highly recommend Buggy Fit to all mums wanting to be active with a baby in tow and meet other like-minded mums. Special thanks to Kate for a brilliant Bushy Park Buggy Fit!” Alexis, Surbiton

“I just wanted to thank you for everything, I’ve really enjoyed the classes and I’m glad to say I fit back into my work clothes which was always the aim really! It was lovely meeting other mums.” – Sara, Molesey

“I’m back to work in a few weeks & I wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help at BuggyFit. I loved coming to the classes so so much, they really were so instrumental in helping me get my fitness, strength & waist back! I managed a 1.56 half marathon a month ago & know I would not have been able to start running again without all the conditioning at BuggyFit. I will continue with the pelvic floor, band work etc & hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to have another baby one day and come back!!!” – Hannah, Teddington

“Kate and the lovely welcoming group of regulars gave me the motivation I needed to start to get fit again – and enjoy it. BuggyFit became a highlight of my week, for me and my daughter. I genuinely can’t wait to return when I’ve had no 2.”  – Juliette, Teddington


“I started coming when my daughter was about 8 weeks old – having recovered from a c-section I was desperate to get outdoors and get moving!  The warm welcome, meeting other new mums, the beautiful park and the carefully planned workouts – all made Buggyfit rapidly part of our weekly routine.  My daughter turns 4 years old next month and we still come!  We’ve both made great friends and really look forward to our weekly outdoor exercise class.”  – Louise, Teddington


“I started going to Kate’s buggyfit classes with my daughter when she was 8 weeks old. My daughter is now 20 months old & we still both enjoy our weekly fix of fresh air, exercise & chat with the mums & babies. Kate is an excellent instructor with a sound knowledge in postnatal fitness who can provide individual advice even in busy group classes. She is incredibly personable & manages to adapt her classes to the needs of the mums & babies on the day.I would advise all new mums to try out her classes – don’t forget that the first one is free!!!” – Emma, Teddington


“I started Buggyfit with Kate when my little boy was 3 months old. I was slightly reticent, as having never been a ‘gym bunny’ I was worried the class would be full of super fit, skinny new mums! I needn’t have worried – everyone was so friendly, and just like me. I hadn’t exercised like this since school but I loved it, and Kate was able to inspire us to keep going with our squats and lunges while also discussing world affairs, the latest developments in the Olympics and what was on TV last night! Being a new mum can be a bewildering, isolating experience, and it was fantastic to keep fit whilst also bonding with other new mums going through the same experiences.  Because Kate has two children she knows exactly how we all feel. I met two other mums who had their babies within two weeks of me, so it was wonderful to share our landmarks together. I did Buggyfit for almost a year and gave up reluctantly when I went back to work.

“Having gone through two episodes of Breast Cancer in my thirties, I suffer from Lymphoedema in my left hand and arm which means wearing a glove and restricting weight bearing on the affected arm. In all my Buggyfit classes, Kate never once forgot this and was always ready to give me an alternative exercise if she was concerned. I thoroughly recommend Buggyfit, and in particular Kate, who is a wonderful and inspiring coach!” – Helen, Surbiton