Fit to Run / Walk

Who is the programme for?

This six week programme, created in collaboration with GB athlete Chris Stanton is designed to give you THE VERY BEST FOUNDATION for your new or already established running habit – literally from the ground up! Delivered via Zoom, this programme is UNIQUE because it’s specifically designed with a woman’s body in mind, especially in terms of Pelvic Health because at the end of the day, women’s are DIFFERENT to men’s and all exercise/rehab programming needs to be made bespoke for women.

Over the course of six weeks we will cover all the BIG ROCKS of running and walking with strength, comfort and ease.  We’ll cover MOBILITY, ACTIVATION, STABILITY AND STRENGTH for all the key areas associated with walking and running resilience – the foot, ankle, hips, lumbar region and spine. The programme progresses gradually every week and I’ll be providing supportive and bespoke homework for you including soft-tissue self-care to support you feeling confident to help yourself outside of the coaching sessions.

I’m not guaranteeing that you’ll end up beating Mo Farrah any time soon ? but it will give you the tools to help you ‘control your controllables’ when it comes to the most common injuries women who run have to deal with.

If you are new or returning to running, this course is great to do alongside a progressive running programme such as the NHS Couch to 5k. If you are already a regular runner then it will sit beautifully with your current training. And if running is not your thing but you are a regular walker, keep reading!

Each week’s session will include these elements:

Understand your body better and what it takes to run or walk for longer and stronger.

Soft Tissue Therapy:
Learn how to administer Soft Tissue Therapy for yourself and take your running self-care to the next level!

Learn how to mobilise the ‘Big Rocks’ of better running and walking….the feet, ankles, hips and lower and thoracic spine.

Get all the essential muscles and connective tissue ON LINE and ready to work for you.

Improve your ‘running stablity’

Stability and strength are essential to going longer and feeling stronger

Integrate Pelvic Floor:
Our ‘secret sauce’, now let’s get your Pelvic Floor exercise to actually COMPLIMENT what you’ll need it to do whilst running and walking!

And……..because not everyone is a runner,  if you’ve recently taken up extended periods of walking or hiking as a leisure/movement activity, I bet that you’ll want to walk in more comfort, walk stronger and walk for longer?  If that’s a YES, then this programme is also for you. A beautiful 6 week programme delivered by me, direct to you in your home that does what it says on the tin….it will get you fitter and stronger to enjoy your walking time.  Full of mobilisations and strengthening drills for your whole body (because walking is a whole-body sport) as well as beautiful relaxation and breath-work practices guaranteed to have you feeling like you literally have a new body!

So whether you are an aspiring or regular runner or wish to stay injury free for your outdoor exercise time, join me on this fabulous course.


Currently taking bookings for:

Wednesday Evenings at 8pm via ZOOM:

Wednesday 5th January – 9th February 2022

Price: £87

** please note some kit will be required – I may be able provide you with this at cost price

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