12 Days for YOU this Advent

As 2021, a year we will never forget, draws to a close I am hopeful we will enter the festive season with more opportunity to see family and friends than we did last year, however we can’t deny the year has presented its challenges. As always at this time of year, I’m guessing that many of us have been putting many things in front of our own well-being and now as Christmas approaches I think it’s a safe bet that December leaves us a little time poor. As we work through our Christmas lists, where are WE on those? This year, my advent offering for you aims to give you a Wellbeing Toolkit – a series of daily emails for each of the 12 days that are designed to help you develop ways to look after your own health and wellbeing as life gets festively fun!

Each day will have a different focus and you can expect exercise videos, recipes and relaxation to ensure you are filling your cup. As you are Christmas shopping, why not self gift and join me this December for 12 days of exercise, starting Wednesday December 1st 2021.

What you get:

  • 7 video’d full body exercise sessions, 15-25 minutes long which you can complete at any time
  • 1 video’d core workout
  • some delicious recipes PACKED with nourishing ingredients
  • a couple of guided relaxations for when you just crave a lie down!
  • Printable ‘self awareness’ checklist to ensure you a ‘present’ in your own day from time to time
  • dedicated whatsapp group where we can encourage and motivate each other
  • access to the videos beyond the Christmas period and into the new year

Who is it suitable for?

This is NOT a postnatal programme, instead, effective, fun exercise for un-injured women with a restored pelvic floor and core

  • on payment I will email you a link to a pre-exercise questionnaire
  • you need to be at least six months postnatal to enrol

What you will need:

  • Most sessions are equipment free but it will be useful to have an exercise mat , a resistance band and a set of 2 or 3kg dumb bells

How to sign up:

Simply click the Paypal link below to make the ONE OFF payment of £27

On receipt, I will send you the link to the pre-exercise questionnaire, add you to the private Facebook group and the mailing list. All exercise sessions will be emailed and posted within the group.

Please click here to read Terms and Conditions.