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Ever Regret a Workout?

Returning to the new normality of September and more structured exercise, this week I found myself back in my favourite Spin class. It had taken a fair amount of internal persuasion to go as instead I could have tackled holiday

Diastasis Recti – 5 things to consider alongside (or before) exercise.

Search the internet for exercises for diastasis recti* and all sorts of stuff gets thrown back to you. Some fabulous information and some dubious choices. Confusing and ambiguous information can make it really tricky for the client to work out

C -Section Recovery – why it’s more than just the scar……

Last week a certain post went viral (well in my world anyway) on social media. It was a video of a simply made felt book illustrating the layers involved in a C-section (click here for the idea credit) What the

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