Holistic Core Restore® Back Pain Solution

Who is the programme for?

This six week programme, created by our Clinical Advisor + Women’s Health Physiotherapist – Michelle Lyons is designed to help you TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR SPINAL HEALTH – from your TMJ’s (your jaws) to your Tailbone (your coccyx) and all the way down to your toes (The Triple T approach!) Delivered via Zoom during the coronavirus pandemic, this programme is specifically designed for women because women ARE different to men and need a bespoke apporach.

Over the course of six week, we’ll cover whole spine mobility and strength; we’ll work together on building resilience in your pelvic core and breath, as well as a toolbox to gain mobility in your WHOLE spine and show you how to put it all together. I’m not guaranteeing you’ll never have another back injury, but want to show you how to ‘control your controllables’ when it comes to the most common issues women face with back pain.

Week 1:
Whole spine warm up, focus on thoracic mobility and breath, guided relaxation

Week 2:
Connecting with your coccyx and pelvic floor, bowel health and back pain strategies

Week 3:
Jaw and neck pain – what can we do?

Week 4:
Hip and pelvic strength & mobility

Week 5:
Focus on bone health and back pain

Week 6:
Putting it all together, building mobility and calming down the nervous system


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Wednesday Evenings at 8pm via ZOOM:

Weds 14th April – Weds 19th May

Price: £87

Strictly limited to 5 places

** please note some kit will be required – I may be able provide you with this at cost price

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