Happy Clients

“I learnt a huge amount about nutrition and am starting to get so much better at self care! I have lost inches from my body, I have more energy and have started to enjoy exercise again! I think it was perfect.” May ’18



“I’ve seen a reduction in prolapse symptoms, improved bowel function, inches lost from waist, tummy and thighs (so I can fit back in my size 10s) and a dramatic change in attitude for the better towards food and fluid intake that I hope will become a permanent lifestyle change adjustment.” Nov ’17

My aim was to feel healthier and stronger after 2 kids and v little exercise over the years. I achieved both these things, whilst also losing some weight and inches.The 10 min workouts have been great. Short enough to fit into an action packed day with kids, whilst also making you’ve like achieved something good.” Sept ’17


“I lost inches across the whole of my body but for me it was the energy it gave me to tackle other areas of my life.

The main part for me was the food education I found the sugar rollercoaster and how to combat it really interesting and informative. Great to have exercise plans that could be done anywhere and when you don’t have a lot of time to spare.” July ’17


“I really enjoyed feeling cared for. I have a very male dominated household and having Kate’s caring advice entirely focused on a female perspective and needs really meant a lot to me” March ’17

“I now feel much better educated as to how to eat more healthily and I have a suite of exercises which I can fir in at home when I’m stuck in the house…I lost quite a few cms around my abdomen and a bit around my thighs and bust too. This has really motivated me to keep going.” (March ’17)

“I liked that it was realistic about what can be achieved at a particularly busy time with babies/ young children, provided a very supportive network which kept me motivated, and introduced me to small adjustments to my diet, exercise and lifestyle which I should be able to continue to follow. In spite of being remote, the regular contact from Kate felt very personal and supportive. The amount of information given was just right so that it never became overwhelming, and the sequencing of information and exercises carefully considered.” March ’17


Rachel“My core feels much stronger. It has also improved the appearance of my tummy and enabled me to wear some none maternity jeans! I have also got a much better understanding of how to improve my diet without “dieting.” My family and I are also eating better!” (Sept ’16)

10cm lost from waist, thighs and bust! Client on the 21 Day online programme (June ’16)


“I feel more positive about myself and my body as well as having more energy. I may actually wear a swimming costume on the beach without cringing this year!” Client on the 21 Day online programme (June ’16)

“I started to make time for myself, I really enjoyed the meal ideas and the support the other ladies in the fb group provided. I gave up the ‘trying to get my body back’ attitude and just started to love myself a little bit more.”   Client on the 21 Day online programme (June ’16)


“The course was beneficial as it was so easy to follow, broken into manageable topics, varied, informative & non judgemental! The support from Kate & the other ladies on the course was just amazing! I really felt I was part of a positive course! The nutrition advice was particularly fab!”  Client on the 21 Day online programme (June ’16)

Caz T

“After having many issues for over a year after having my second baby, I needed a programme that was going to be effective but gentle, as my body wasn’t up to much. The 21 day programme has strengthened me more than I could have ever have hoped for. I’ve got a flatter tummy, less back pain and have learned techniques that I will use forever more. Personal, understanding and 100% effective. I’m so grateful for all I’ve learned.” Client at the end of the 21 Day Online Programme May ’16




“I have reduced measurements, lost weight, improved my mood, increased my self confidence and sense of control, and improved skin and hair. I feel as though I’ve made changes in lifestyle and diet that I can stick to. I love the new way of eating and the short exercise sessions that I can fit into my day. It’s a brilliant combo” – client who lost 16cm on the 21 Day online programme (May ’16)


“I look less bloated in my tummy, where I have become smaller when measuring too. I feel I have more control and will power when it comes to food choices, and more aware of how a ‘sugar rush’ hits me, and the repercussions of this! My fingernails feel stronger and no breaks!” 21 Day Online Client feedback May’16