Energy Reboot

Energy reboot for happy hormones, with Kate Smart Fitness

The ultimate course for the woman experiencing symptoms of the Peri-Menopause / Menopause.

It’s time to reclaim your energy and sparkle!

For many women, from the age of 40+, things are starting to change a little. Perhaps you are noticing some of the following:

  • your usual exercise and nutrition is no longer keeping your weight stable
  • you feel tired
  • perhaps you are not sleeping too well
  • you feel a little frazzled
  • you are relying on coffee to get you going and you like to wind down with a glass of wine
  • you are busy looking after younger and older family members
  • your energy is low
  • you’re wondering where your ‘mojo’ has gone
  • the waistband on your clothes seems to be shrinking with every wash
  • you feel a little snappy with your loved ones

It’s time to change the rhetoric on the peri-menopause and lose the negativity!

Introducing ENERGY REBOOT!

This 5 week course will give you real solutions and strategies for making this phase of life energetic and empowered and allow you to put your needs first!

Each week we will look at different elements such as hormones, nutrition, relaxation and fun alongside a short, EFFECTIVE and energy lifting workout, plus there will be time for relaxation and restoration.

Course Info:

Monday 16th April – 21st May 7.15 – 8.15pm

**excluding Bank Holiday Monday 7th May**

The St John’s Warehouse Hampton Wick

Price £97

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