Happy Clients

“As someone who has always avoided group exercise classes due to feeling embarrassed at my lack of strength and coordination, I can honestly say my outlook has changed for the better. There is a wonderful positive, open and friendly attitude from both Kate and the other people doing the course. Kate is a brilliant instructor, approachable and encouraging, offering lots of support not just in the course but during each week leading up to the next session. You won’t regret the investment!” Holistic Core Restore® client February ’18
“I do like the exercises as I can feel them working. Also delighted how much better my posture is too.” Holistic Core Restore® client February ’18
“One of the best things about this course is that it is so functional. Moving away from traditional pelvic floor ‘squeezes’ and onto functional everyday exercises and movements was really helpful.
I have seen some improvement in my stress incontinence which I have had for 3 and a half years. Certainly enough improvement for me to continue focusing on strengthening my pelvic floor using what I have learnt from the Holistic Core Restore course.”  Holistic Core Restore® client January ’18
“The class programme coupled with the online support is fantastic. I wouldn’t change anything and I’d recommend Kate to everyone for post natal exercise and rehabilitation.” Holistic Core Restore® client January ’18
“I decided to do the core restore class after having my little boy. Despite having a relatively straightforward pregnancy and quick and easy birth I didn’t feel I was quite ready to exercise again to my pre pregnancy level as I just didn’t have the core strength. This course has helped me gain this now but more importantly made me so much more mindful of the impact exercise and every day activities have on the pelvic floor and how important it is to protect it.” Holistic Core Restore® client Sept ’17

“I’m much more conscious of my core and now know how to keep working on engaging it through everyday activity and through targeted exercises. My core already feels stronger and I”ve been motivated to continue the exercises several times a week since the course ended. I feel stronger and more confident about what my body is ready for after having a baby, and have returned to running since doing the HCR course.” Holistic Core Restore® client July ’17

“Excellent informative and well run course. Kate made the course fun and everyone in the group reported benefits. I noticed an awareness of core and pelvic floor that was not present before, and gained much from the emphasis on engaging pelvic floor during functional movements.Kate is inspirational in her approach to motivating others.Excellent course, I will recommend to my friends and patients (I am a GP).” Holistic Core Restore® client April ’17

“Much improved pelvic floor!! But also a hugely improved awareness / understanding of / care for my postnatal body – which is ridiculously under emphasised in the NHS. I wish I had known about this after baby number one! I now look after myself much better with 3 children than I ever did with 1 or 2 which is ridiculous! Love the holistic approach.” Holistic Core Restore® client March ’17

“The course has been incredibly beneficial to me, my pelvic floor and state of mind. I’m so pleased I’ve been able to take positive action regarding the mild prolapse I suffered after childbirth, something that really upset me after having my son. I have seen improvements in my mood, diet, attitude towards prolapse (I now know I’m not alone!), and physical symptoms. I am able to wear my son in the carrier for short distances without feeling the heaviness I once did and can go for days without noticing my prolapse. And my tummy has de-flabbed a little in addition!” Holistic Core Restore® client May ’16


Kate – Holistic Core Restore® client Dec ’15

“Since having children 8 years ago I have lived with very bad pelvic floor. Fed up with fact and exercise sheets from doctors or personal trainers acting like I was being lazy or using excuses when I refused to run or star jump excessively. I was thinking my only route was surgery. But then I met Kate and it may sound dramatic but it was life changing. Firstly because she is without doubt one of the loveliest people you can meet and is so on your side with knowledge, support, enthusiasm and authentic empathy. Secondly because she introduced me to holistic core training and a different way of thinking about the problem with solutions which make sense and can be fitted into everyday life.  Kate is a fountain of expertise, fun, energy and passion in helping women live their life to the fullest. I now believe that with continued focus with the exercises and mindset Kate has taught me I will beat my poor pelvic floor. Thank you Kate!” Holistic Core Restore® client April ’16

“The course has helped me FINALLY understand what the core muscles are all about. I came with the hope of strengthening my core to help my back (I have scoliosis). The knowledge I gained from Kate has transformed not just my understanding but also how I approach all exercise now. I am able to do things I avoided in the past due to the resulting back pain. I can now do them relatively pain free and certainly recover much better than in the past. Kate went beyond the course content and gave my some very helpful stretches for the specific area of my back which suffers when I exercise. I felt in very safe hands with Kate and am evangelical about the benefits the course has given me….It was down-to-earth, honest and not at all competitive and completely without judgment. It was a lot of fun and I miss the banter.” Holistic Core Restore® client March ’16

“The results have been outstanding. I’ve had my pelvic floor reassessed by a physio that has changed my status of no improvement/ unlikely to improve to seeing significant improvement.” Holistic Core Restore® client February ’16

“Thanks to strengthening my inner abdomen my “mummy tummy ” I got after my second child is gone, what makes me very happy. I could not achieve it with regular exercises.” Holistic Core Restore® client February ’16

“I’ve found the course really motivating and fun. The weekly sessions are fun and it is so good to be in an environment where your particular physical condition is understood and where you know everything is safe and beneficial. The videos are also great and Kate was excellent at encouraging us to stick to homework. I feel more positive, motivated and more in control. I’ve actually also noticed I can now walk further without feeling my prolapse as much as previously.” Holistic Core Restore® client February ’16

“It has virtually stopped all leakage and increased my pelvic floor strength. I no longer have problems with lack of control” One to one Holistic Core Restore® client December 2015

“Kate made the whole course beyond enjoyable – from the visualisation techniques to the mediation and of course the end of the session treats!
I also loved being in a room full of women who openly shared their experiences and made me feel like I was not alone feeling like I did.

I will also be telling all of my friends how great the course is.” Holistic Core Restore® client December 2015

“The course was very empowering and reassuring at the same time. Kate was amazing and no question was ever inappropriate, in fact Monday evenings became a wonderful forum to discuss those hugely ignored and undiscussed topics around the pelvic floor! It was great and lovely to normalise these issues. I have noticed a big improvement in firstly finding that connection with both the front and back of my pelvic floor and being able to isolate and work them individually. I have a new and strong awareness of my pelvic floor which is fantastic. I also think about it in much more of positive way rather than continually believing / worrying that a prolapse is imminent!” Holistic Core Restore® client December 2015

“the course has done exactly as it promised, as well as great advice and info from Kate too. It has made me more confident to do other exercise and specially made me focus on my core and posture on a day to day basis. I feel stronger and more responsive especially in my core.” FooFoo Client May ’15

“FooFoo has helped me make the steps I need to take to get me moving around confidently after having had my two children” FooFoo Client May ’15

“It’s  very supportive for new mums. As a mum returning to safe exercise two years later I can still appreciate how this course supports you slowly and safely…this has been key for me and why I have turned away from usual classes as usual trainers do not have the expertise to support post natal needs…expertise and information has been the key for me.” FooFoo Client May ’15

“It was great to find that I could actually enjoy an exercise class having been too nervous about the state of my pelvic floor to do any exercise since my pregnancy. I can now go about my daily life with the confidence that there will be no nasty leaks! I still need to keep up the exercises at this stage but the improvement has really changed what I can comfortably do with my baby and toddler each day. ” FooFoo client Oct ’14

“I couldn’t run in July (even a gentle jog) whereas in October I am happily completing HIIT/boxercise classes without fear of leakage….It’s simple but effective. It helps if you do your homework every day, but really as long as you do it whenever you can … you’ll start noticing results really quickly. You can’t say that about many exercise plans.” FooFoo client Oct ’14

“The course enabled me to re connect to my physical & psychological core! Sounds weird but it was like we made friends again!
I feel my posture has improved. My core stability is well on the way & balance is better!
Day to day, I am more confident in knowing that my pelvic floor will do it’s job & allow me to do all the things that I want to do! Foo Foo is a great way of doing something positive! No one should have to sweep pelvic floor issues under the carpet & embarking on this course makes you feel like you are really working hard towards a healthier inner and outer relationtionship with the the bits that make us women so fab!!” FooFoo client Oct ’14

“I was in my mid thirties and 18 months on from a difficult birth when I developed a chronic cough, followed by stress incontinence. My GP told me that my bladder was prolapsing. She didn’t give me any further information and there was a long wait to see a specialist. I’d had various other childbirth-related issues, so I was very upset to discover yet another problem. I also felt very isolated – no one talks about this sort of thing! The FooFoo FunClub has been fantastic for me. I felt that I could take a positive step forward instead of hanging around waiting for my appointment. It’s also reassuring to find that while other women may seem to have all bounced back from childbirth, I’m not alone, and other people do have problems too. The programme taught me how to do pelvic floor exercises properly. Despite reading up on the internet, I’d been doing it all wrong before. I’ve really noticed the difference since star ting the programme. My stress incontinence is much better and I feel less aware of my prolapse. Kate Smart is great at setting everyone at their ease, and making things as fun as possible. There’s absolutely no pressure to share your personal experience unless you wish to. I’d highly recommend the class for any woman – not just those who are already aware they have a problem.” FooFoo client Oct ’14

“Much improvement as well as self confidence. Especially appreciated the holistic approach eg food, diet , meditation.THIS SHOULD BE INTRODUCED at PRENATAL classes. If only I had known about this before hand.” FooFoo client Oct ’14

“It was brilliant! The exercises were simple to grasp and very effective. Kate was brilliant in reminding us about the homework which I definitely needed! I can already feel my pelvic floor is stronger and the exercises and their progressions are getting easier!” FooFoo client July ’14

“I have massively increased my awareness of not just my pelvic floor but my gait and posture while resting as well as while exercising. I would consider myself pretty healthy in terms of general exercise and diet but it has also improved that too.” FooFoo client July ’14

“the feeling of empowerment that I can do something about sneeze incontinence just by exercise! (FooFooFunClub) should be offered to every pregnant, postnatal and menopausal woman!” – FooFoo client and professional midwife after completing 6 week course

“Very beneficial. I have seen substantial improvement to my prolapse after 2 courses. I can’t put it all down to the course as I have changed medication also during that time which has also had a positive impact but the exercises have definitely helped. My core strength has improved and I feel strong enough to tackle life as a busy mother with two active children. I am feeling the best I’ve felt since the birth of my first child 6 years ago. I still have bad days but I know good days will be there. programme has given me the strength to get on with living my life, prolapse or not. Kate is brilliant, a great PT but also offers the right support for women struggling with a very private and emotive issue.” – FooFoo client after her second 6 week course

“Everything feels back to normal, hardly any leaks (especially if I do my homework!) and my core strength is returning” – Postnatal FooFoo client at the end of 6 week course

“This time I was able to jump on a trampoline for the first time since having children – amazing! Should be a prescription once you’ve had a baby as (it) provides vital knowledge and understanding of why and how you should do these exercises” – FooFoo client after completing second 6 week course

“It is a great way to strengthen your pelvic floor without doing boring kegels and the effects are quicker. Doing it in a group with women in the same situation is motivating and reassuring. The daily texts and homework are additional motivators! Thank you Kate for a great six weeks, looking forward to the next 6 to build on the work already started.” – FooFoo client at end of 6 week course

“I can now jog next to my son on his bike and feel stronger in my core / pelvic floor. It’s an investment in time well worth making!” – FooFoo client at  the end of 6 week course

“I was 16 weeks pregnant when I started and had noticed increasing leaks as pregnancy was progressing. On starting the course, the leaks seemed to stabilise rather than increase, and by the end I saw a reduction in occurances despite the pregnancy progressing” – Pregnant FooFoo client at the end of first 6 week course

“I have improved my core and pelvic floor function. I’m able to sneeze with a full bladder and still smile afterwards!” – FooFoo client after 6 week course

“This is such an important area of women’s health that is often over-looked or understated at best. This course tackles all issues perfectly backed up by lots of knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and if you do your homework – IT WORKS!!” – FooFoo client at end of 6 week course

“I just ran for a bus – completely successfully and confidently. That’s a massive improvement!” – FooFoo client at week 5 out of 6

“Reduction in leakage. Core and pelvic floor strengthened and feel more connected. Diastasis muscles have returned to normal.” – FooFoo client after 6 week course

“Really surprised at fantastic results after only 1 class!” – FooFoo client after her first week of homework

“the course has been amazing” – same client as above at the end of 6 weeks!

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