Back to School!

September STILL gives me the ‘back to school’ feeling. Maybe it’s having an Autumn birthday, but I have always loved this time of year. A new timetable, new shoes (who doesn’t love new shoes?) and a refreshed mind ready to step up to a new year of learning have always sat well with me.


The summer holidays have given me the time and headspace for a few resolutions for myself;

Get more sleep

Create some me time

Add a little more yoga to my week


So what are YOUR resolutions for yourself as the kids go back to school?

You time?

A little more exercise?

A little self-care?


I’m so pleased to welcome 15 new members to the FooFooFunClub pelvic floor and core classes from tomorrow. Intelligent women going straight onto the TOP TABLE of the  self care class . Like any new class experiences, there will be new things to learn, lightbulb moments and the odd moment of disruption (the giggler at the back? the show off at the front – that’s me !!) and for sure, at the end of the next 6 weeks there will be an increase in self knowledge, confidence and all with the knowledge that in this class IT”S OK TO TALK! In fact, it’s an integral part of the class, and after 6 weeks of the children being at home, it’s lovely to talk to grown ups 🙂


If you have been thinking about doing this course but have missed out this time, do get in touch for the final course of 2014 by contacting me here.