Thrive Through the Festive Season!


As I write this post we are just over 4 weeks away from the big day (and even writing that makes me fret a little at what needs to be done!)

This week will be seeing me out of the house every evening, either through work things or the festivities already starting and the effects will definitely be felt, so here are my TOP 5 TIPS on how to thrive through the Festive Season, stay healthy and avoid burn out.

Drink Plenty of Water

As the weather gets colder, it’s easy to forget to hydrate, but it’s super important to stay on top of your fluid intake to keep your energy levels high, absorb the nutrients from your food, keep your digestive system moving and, of course, prevent any possible hangovers. Try and achieve your 2 litres a day and if going out, drink a big glass before and after and intersperse any alcoholic drinks with water too. Remember dehydration combined with the diuretic effects of alcohol can leave you feeling really ropey! The morning after, go for hot water with lemon instead of medicated with a strong coffee.

Eat Before You Go Out

(Unless of course you’re out for dinner!)

Making sure you’ve nourished yourself well before arriving at a party will keep you further from the buffet table! Similarly, if you’ve had a good protein rich breakfast before a Christmas shopping trip, you are less likely to stray to all the goodies in the coffee shops when you have that much needed break!

Take Time out for Yourself

Without a doubt, for most adults, there is a LOT TO BE DONE at this time of year; shopping, children’s plays, social events, visiting family, cooking, present wrapping….. all on top of the day to day stuff. Remember to rest and recharge your batteries so you’re not feeling the burn out by the middle of December! Short meditations, a moment with a good book, an Epsom salts bath and an early night (when you’re in) can all give you much needed headspace and a little cortisol reset. Think hygge, the Danish concept of creating well-being, warmth and connection…..

Move your body….

…. in a way that feels good. Wintry walks and bike rides, restorative yoga or a short HIT workout (appropriate to you and your body, of course) will  crank up the endorphins, increase energy and of course, stand you in good stead for the inevitable extra calories that might be coming your way! If you’re regularly exercising, you might find it better to move your workouts to the morning if you usually exercise in the evening as your routine may well get disrupted by your social life! Exercise for energy rather than punishing your body.

Enjoy Yourself!

It goes without saying that this is your festive season too! If you’ve been on top of your health, wellness and fitness for the majority of the year, there will be little fall out from the effects of a few good parties and meals. As long as you don’t view the next few weeks as a free for all at the tin of Roses and the free flowing prosecco, there’s plenty of space for treats and indulgences!


Have a very Happy Festive Season!