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I have a great dentist. He is personable, his work is good, my children like him and he never rips me off.  I have no reason to think that the advice he gives should be ignored. Back in November I …

I wish I’d listened to good advice. Read More »

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Congratulations! Whether this is your first, second or you’re a seasoned mum, your body is undergoing many complex and amazing changes. In addition to your wonderful news is the good news that you do not have to stop training! Buggyfit, …

A Bun in the Oven…..? What now? Read More »

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So many times we hear this term bandied around and I know I use it ALL THE TIME in classes and sessions! “I want to strengthen my core” “engage your core” “my osteo says I need to work on my …

What do we mean by ‘The Core’? Read More »

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