From reaction to action….

Sometimes self diagnosed, often after an online search, sometimes after an appointment with a medical professional, I am often approached by women in a state of worry or worse.

Diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, poochy tummies and leaky lady bits… all sorts of issues that are ‘common but not normal’ present themselves to women from post-natal to post-menopausal and I think it’s universally fair to say that they are all pretty unwelcome.

For most, being told the stats and facts isn’t a comfort – it’s happened, it’s at best annoying though often the emotional reaction is stronger – ‘why me?’ , ‘why didn’t anyone tell me about this?’ ‘we need to get the message across’. Indignation, embarrassment, upset are common reactions and that’s fair enough. If we are even aware of these things affecting other people, we’re often pretty surprised when they happen to us.

But hear this….. there IS a way forward.

Diastasis Recti (that’s a tummy ‘gap’ in case it all sounds ‘latin’) does not mean you can never plank again. Guess what – you can make your abdominals functional and strong. The gap might stay, the gap might close but that ab wall can be addressed and you can eventually do the stuff you love again.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse – again, you want to exercise? YOU CAN!! There are strategies to learn, adjustments to be made, pressure management to be considered but it doesn’t have to point you to a sedentary life – far from it!

The same goes for the leaky pelvic floor. Please don’t just ‘pad up and get on with it’ but also, be reassured that you can move forward here and not be the woman at the back of the class with her hoodie tied around her waist.

Recently I have worked with a number of women who have undergone a hysterectomy. Again, for many this kind of procedure can send a woman into a future of ‘chair-obics’ or she may rush quickly back to her high impact class a few weeks post surgery (how? I’m not sure!) but it’s not one way or the other…. a carefully considered, nurturing and progressive approach to moving with confidence, enjoyment and to benefit her long term health, wellness and longevity is possible and you know what, she may (and quite possibly will) be fitter and stronger than pre-surgery. IT IS POSSIBLE!

Understanding your body, the symptoms it is showing you and then taking positive and decisive action to acknowledge the issue and move forward is the way to go in my opinion and I’m super proud of all the women I have worked with so far who have done exactly this. Whether that is making that appointment with your GP, Women’s Health Physio, telling your class instructor or getting in touch with me, please stop the internal worry and move forward with the help of experts and professionals.

Panic over.

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