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For context, I am writing this in October 2020 – the hard lockdown is over (for now) but we are facing lots of changing restrictions and globally have gone through a very challenging time. I’ve been teaching exercise in various …

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Sometimes self diagnosed, often after an online search, sometimes after an appointment with a medical professional, I am often approached by women in a state of worry or worse. Diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, poochy tummies and leaky lady bits… …

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This week  I was delighted to spend some time with Claire Anne Rutherford. Claire is a Women’s Health Physiotherapist who works locally to me. We sat and had a chat about the pelvic floor in the postnatal period, discussed some …

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Many of my blog posts come from questions I am asked throughout the week in classes and sessions. A few weeks ago a client told me that she had been informed by a friend that going from kneeling to standing …

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