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Part One: Knowing when to take action It’s no secret that pelvic floor and core training is at the bedrock of much of my work with women so here begins a short series of (hopefully lighthearted) blogs to inform and …

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Sometimes self diagnosed, often after an online search, sometimes after an appointment with a medical professional, I am often approached by women in a state of worry or worse. Diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, poochy tummies and leaky lady bits… …

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Not so long ago, I blogged about the news article on the issues with vaginal mesh implants and this week, amongst the carnage of Hurricane Ophelia and the scandal around Harvey Weinstein, the subject of this kind of surgery has …

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More than one client emailed me links to the news article below, knowing that I would have something to say.  Take a read (the link to the article is in the title). “Vaginal Mesh Implants – hundreds sue NHS over …

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